CarHavn For Life: Loyalty Matters

Additional Value With Every Purchase

Most dealerships want to sell you a car. We created CarHavn to deliver great ownership experiences. We want to create a relationship with you, and be your shop of choice for all your car needs. To recognize your loyalty, our CarHavn For Life programs has amazing benefits and privileges, at no extra cost to you.

Available At No Additional Cost To You:

Oil Service

Keep maintenance costs down! CarHavn will perform one of the two recommended oil services per year, at no cost to you, in our New Haven service center. This service includes fluid top-off, and tire rotation.

Free Inspection

Nip it on the bud! The best way to extend the life of your car and avoid expensive repairs is to proactively catch any conditions that may indicate that a component is about to fail. We will perform a full inspection per year at no cost to you.SHOP NOW

15% Off Labor

Save on labor! We all know that today's technologically advanced cars need expert mechanical labor. With CarHavn's For Life Program, you enjoy a 15% discount in  labor in our specialist Service Center.

Loaner Car

Stay on the move! Your hectic life doesn't stop when your car is in the shop. CarHavn has you covered with a complimentary courtesy vehicle while we get your baby back on the road, in excellent shape! Subject to scheduling and availability.       SHOP NOW