CarHavn is an Authorized BOSCH Service Center

Part of a Global Network of Excellence

Bosch Car Service is a partnership between Bosch and over 13,000 of the top automotive service centers across the globe. In addition to receiving specialized training and high-quality parts from Bosch, all Bosch Car Service centers are rigorously monitored for their technical ability and customer service skills. They must maintain the high standards that Bosch is known for in order to remain a part of the exclusive Bosch Car Service network.

The Bosch name is known for the highest quality in many industries, but did you know that Bosch invented many of the automotive systems used in vehicles today? That same expertise is found every day at over 13,000 Bosch Car Service centers across the globe. Bosch Car Service centers receive the latest expert training and have access to high quality replacement parts.

What does that mean to you? Simple - great service and quality auto repair.

Why a BOSCH Service Center is better

A brand is a promise.

To maintain our BOSCH Service Center certification, we are trained and audited to offer you these high standards of service. You can be confident that we are held to the same standards as the best independent shops around the world. As a BOSCH service center, we are committed to providing you with:

Digital Customer Service

It's time your mechanic used the tech you do.

We use tech to achieve transparency in repairs. All recommendations we make are evidence-based, and come with the full price of parts of labor clearly displayed to you. Prior to any repairs, we seek your authorization though a simple click. Your car, your choice.

  • Digital Vehicle Inspection
  • Evidence-based Recommendations
  • Connect on your terms, on your device
  • Approve or reject any service
  • Save all repairs for future reference
  • Best Internet Price. Our low overhead means we can pass the savings on to you !


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